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Aug 28, 2017

On today’s episode of the Journeywomen podcast I’m interviewing Hayden Langemeier. Hayden is in a senior at the University of Arkansas studying communication with a minor in recreation and sports management. She is passionate about challenging culture that is second nature with the goal of producing a more authentic, selfless and submitted generation of believers. Hayden comes from an incredible family—some of you may have heard her mom as she shared about forgiveness on episode 01 of the Journeywomen podcast—so I asked Hayden to chat with us about family dynamics and her relationship with her parents and siblings.

The goal of building and maintaining healthy relationships with our families is to point people to Jesus by the way we love one another. I know some of you have broken families and some of you have experienced really unhealthy family dynamics. That’s exactly why I asked Hayden to share her experience with us today. While most of what we discuss is method based, it’s an invaluable opportunity for us to catch a glimpse into what it looks like to grow up in a home with the aim of glorifying God together. I hope you’ll walk away encouraged to build relationships with your close people, whether they’re your biological family, adopted family, or your sisters and brothers in Christ.

I wasn’t expecting a conversation on family dynamics to disciple me in the ways of human communication but it did! I loved Hayden’s encouragement to be diligent in the little things, especially in our interactions with our close people. If you’d like to connect with Hayden you can find her information in the show notes at the link below. On next week’s episode we’ll be chatting about the most important topic of all: the Gospel! You don’t want to miss it, so be sure to subscribe to the Journeywomen podcast on iTunes and while you’re there leave us a review! 


Show Notes: