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Jun 10, 2017

In this episode of the Journeywomen podcast, Carrie Langemeier, a lover of truth, teacher of God’s word, and encourager of women is chatting with your host, Hunter Beless, about forgiveness. Carrie is the best friend, helpmate and wife of Craig Langemeier, the chief ministry officer at Pine Cove Christian Camps. She’s also the mother of five beautiful children, a master decorator, and the author of an upcoming parenting book. On this episode Carrie shares about her own journey to forgive her father. She talks about her experiences counseling many women struggling with unforgiveness, and even gives us some tidbits about how to encourage our kiddos to forgive one another when they’ve been wronged. For more info on this particular show be sure to check out the show notes on As always, if you enjoy listening please leave a review on iTunes and hop over and connect with me on social media @journeywomenpodcast or @hunterbeless.