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Jul 3, 2017

On today's episode of the Journeywomen podcast I’m interviewing René Bleakley, a college mentor from my time at the University of Arkansas, on the topic of grief. René is originally from South Carolina. She married her high school sweetheart, Gage, almost 44 years ago. They live near their son and his family in the Ft Bragg, North Carolina area. René says the best part of her life is the fact that she’s Mimi to three grandsons. She loves gardening, cooking, going to the beach and good coffee. I invited René to be on the show to discuss grieving, as she lost her daughter in a car accident 21 years ago. We talked about her own process of grieving and she answered a lot of questions I had about how to come alongside someone who has experienced a trauma or crisis. Ya’ll, I’m so grateful for this conversation. One of my favorite things that René shared is to feel all the feels until they aren’t there anymore. That really encouraged me to press into grief with my friends who are experiencing hardship.

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