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Feb 15, 2021

On today’s episode we’re continuing our series, Knowing and Loving God, with Greg Gilbert, the senior pastor at Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. As we continue talking about knowing and loving God, it’s important that we lay a foundation for how we come to know him: through his Word. Greg is also the author of What Is the Gospel? (Crossway, 2010), Assured: Discover Grace, Let Go of Guilt, and Rest in Your Salvation (Baker, 2019), and the commentary in the ESV Story of Redemption Bible (Crossway, 2018). He is the co-author of What Is the Mission of the Church?: Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great Commission (Crossway, 2011). You can follow him on Twitter.





• Why is God’s written Word so important?
• What is the value in understanding the big story of the Bible?
• What specific steps can you take to gain a better understanding of the big story of redemption?
• How can you look for Jesus - the Word made flesh - as you read God’s Word?
• What are you going to do or implement as a result of what you’ve learned this week?



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