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Apr 6, 2020

On today’s episode, we’re chatting with Courtney Reissig about bringing our feelings to God. This conversation will help you bring your emotions to the Lord as an act of faith, trust, and ultimately, worship. Courtney Reissig is a writer and bible teacher living in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is the proud mom of four sons, happy wife to Daniel, and author of three books: The Accidental Feminist, Glory in the Ordinary, and Teach Me to Feel: Worshiping Through the Psalms in Every Season of Life. Her writing has also appeared on The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, and The Washington Post. When she is not writing or wrangling kids, she enjoys running and a relaxing Friday night. 







John 11

Psalm 77

Psalm 46

Psalm 88

John 14

Psalm 1 

2 Corinthians 1




  • How were we created? Where do our emotions come from? 
  • Can you relate to feeling like you can’t control your emotions, or to feeling like you need to stuff your emotions and try to not feel? What does this look like?
  • What is a verse or passage of Scripture that has encouraged you this week?
  • How have you seen suffering be an encouragement in the lives of others?
  • How does knowing God change who you are and how you interact with the world around you?





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