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Oct 25, 2021

In this episode Lauren and Kimberly chat with Megan Hill about what it means to be conformed to the image of Christ. Megan is the author of five books, most recently: Patience: Waiting with Hope. An editor for The Gospel Coalition, Megan lives in Massachusetts with her husband and four children. We pray this episode with Megan, Kimberly, and Lauren encourages you to keep looking to Christ as you seek to imitate him!



  • Do you have a tendency to tend towards works-based righteousness? How did this episode encourage you to look to Jesus as you seek to be conformed to him?
  • What means is God currently using to conform you more into his image?
  • How can you draw encouragement from meditating on Christ’s attitude towards you as you seek (and fail) to be conformed to him?
  • What small areas of growth in Christlikeness can you see in your life that you can praise God for today? 
  • What might you implement or change based on what you learned in this episode?


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