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Feb 24, 2020

On today’s episode of the Journeywomen Podcast, Hunter Beless is chatting with Katie Gilbert about how we pour into one another in the context of community. This is the third episode in our series called “Keeping it Local: Leaning into Discipleship in your Local Context.” The idea behind this series is to encourage us all to seek out discipleship and learning with women we can spend time with face-to-face. Katie Gilbert is a young professional, living and working in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire. Katie originally moved to New Hampshire in 2000 with her family when her parents, Don and Dori Willeman, planted Christ Redeemer Church in Hanover, NH. She is a graduate of Gordon College with a BA in biblical studies and history with a concentration in museum studies. Katie loves hikes, books, good food and, most of all, her husband Jack.



Melissa Kruger on Mentoring Relationships between Women

Growing Together by Melissa Kruger (releasing later this year)



• How has your current community encouraged you in your walk with Christ?

• Do you find that you cherish the Word of God? Why or why not?

• What holds you back from further engaging in relationships in your local context?

• If you were to ask someone in your life, “will you teach me how to ___?” What would you ask them to teach you? Who would you ask?

• As a disciple of Christ, how you can further engage in your local community to walk in obedience to the call to “go and make disciples?”





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