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Sep 26, 2022

In this week’s episode, we are digging into the topic of finances! Money can often be a blind spot for many of us, myself included, so we are excited to learn how we can steward well what God has entrusted us with. We are particularly excited to share this episode with you because it is actually a LIVE recording of a conversation I got to have with Jen Wilkin and Elizabeth Woodson at The Gospel Coalition Women’s conference back in June!

We pray this conversation compels you to take an honest look at your finances to see how you can best steward what the Lord has entrusted you with. Our hope is that in doing so, you would come to rely more deeply on the Lord as your Provider!


  • How would you describe your relationship with money?
  • Do you have any examples you can look to of people who have epitomized what it looks like to steward money well?
  • How does the gospel drive you to give generously and to live differently in regard to the way you steward your money?
  • How have you seen God richly provide for you in a season where you have been experiencing lack?
  • What might you do or implement based on what you learned in this week’s episode?



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