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Oct 15, 2018

On today’s episode of the Journeywomen podcast, I’m chatting with Sarah Walton on the topic of hope when it hurts. We talked about everything from Sarah’s own experience with suffering to how we can remind ourselves of the gospel, even in the midst of our pain. All throughout our conversation, she shared how the gospel speaks into all areas of our lives and gives hope to our suffering.

So you’ll know her a little better, Sarah is a stay-at-home mom with four kids under the age of 11. She also authored a book along with Kristen Wetherell from episode 67 called Hope When It Hurts: Biblical Reflections to Help You Grasp God’s Purpose in Your Suffering. You can follow her blog at Set Apart: Hope on the Road Less Traveled and find some of her writing at Desiring God, Revive Our Hearts, and Unlocking the Bible.



John Piper’s Sermon Series through Job

Beside Still Waters by Charles Spurgeon

Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon

The Crook in the Lot by Thomas Boston and Jason Roth

Behind a Frowning Providence by John Murray



Time alone in the morning

Deep conversations and then moments later laughing hysterically

When her kids play together



Hope When It Hurts by Kristen Wetherell and Sarah Walton

Episode 67 on Glory with Kristen Wetherell









  1. How has pain and suffering shaped your view of God?
  2. How can you practice remembering the Gospel in the midst of your pain?
  3. What are you going to do or implement as a result of what you’ve learned this week?



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