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Dec 4, 2017

On this episode of the Journeywomen podcast, I chatted with Emily Jensen about idols of the heart. We discuss everything from our personal struggles with idolatry to practical ways we can move forward in repentance after seeing our sin. If you know Emily, it goes without saying that we talked about resting in the grace of the Gospel. She said, “It’s always important to remember with idolatry like, this isn’t something that we do on our own. This is something God did on our behalf. That causes us to just be humble and grateful and in awe of God. That’s a key thing. When we are in awe of God and when we are grateful for what he has done, it makes us want to worship Him more and it helps us deal with our idol problem.”


Talking with Emily opened up my eyes to see that while there are lots of little idols I’ve conjured up, they all revolve around ME! My biggest problem really is myself. Understanding that I genuinely am struggling with making much of myself more than anything else has humbled me in the best of ways, providing a sweet opportunity to preach the Gospel to myself and to those around me.


I am continually learning about how the Gospel infiltrates every area of my life and God has really used Emily and her sister-in-law, Laura, to help me flesh that out practically as I listen to their podcast, Risen Motherhood. Emily has been married for eight years, is a mother to five young children, and has a passion for sharing gospel-centered truth with women. I am so grateful we have the opportunity to hear from her today on the topic of idolatry.




X Ray Questions by David Powleson

Knowing the Bible so that we can counsel our hearts with it

Praying in accordance with God’s will

Community: surrounding ourselves with people who are going to encourage us to believe the truth

How People Change by Paul David Tripp

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

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Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul David Tripp

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A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent




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Hymns on Youtube like He will Hold Me Fast, How Firm a Foundation, Come Ye Sinners, Not in Me, I Asked the Lord

Wood burning fires (indoor)







Risen Motherhood Instagram



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