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Jun 4, 2018

On today’s episode of the Journeywomen podcast I’m chatting with Melissa Kruger about JOY! We dove right in and talked a million miles a minute about Bible study, hardship, and most of all, the joy that we have in Jesus. She said, “The object of our joy is the substance of our happiness. We like to rejoice in all these things, and we can go to God and say, ‘Thank you for my family, thank you for the fact that we have a meal to eat tonight, thank you that we have a house,” but he is the ultimate substance of our joy. The more we focus on him, the more we will be joyful!”


Melissa is definitely a kindred heart and you're going to love hearing from her! She serves as women’s ministry coordinator at Uptown Church (PCA) in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is the author of The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World (Christian Focus, 2012) and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood (Waterbrook/Multnomah, 2015). Her husband, Mike, is the president of Reformed Theological Seminary, and they have three children. She writes at Wits End, hosted by The Gospel Coalition.


Her newest book In All Things is a study on JOY that releases tomorrow, June 5, 2018, which just so happens to also be the ONE YEAR anniversary of the Journeywomen podcast! Ya’ll, I have no words to express my surprise that we’ve actually made it this far. It is literally only by God’s grace. We’re releasing a celebratory Ask Me Anything episode later this week, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you’re using to listen so that you don’t miss it. Thanks so much for journeying alongside me for the past year. It’s truly been a joy. I cannot wait to share this conversation on that very topic with you all!



Being in the presence of the Creator of Joy - time in the word and prayer

“20 minutes a day for a lifetime”



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