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Aug 1, 2022

Today, we’re talking about pain and heartache with our friend Nana Dolce. Nana Dolce is a visiting instructor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington DC and a Charles Simeon Trust instructor who trains women Bible teachers. Nana has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and teaches in her local church. She was born in Ghana and currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband Eric and their children. 

We pray this conversation with Nana encourages you as you face various hardships and trials today. This is the very last episode in our current series “Let’s Talk About”! Be sure to subscribe to the Journeywomen podcast so you don’t miss our next mini-series that releases this September!



  • In what particular way are you currently experiencing the curse of Genesis 3:16?
  • How has the good news of the gospel met you in your pain? What have you learned about the character of God in the midst of your heartache?
  • How does knowing that pain has an end date give you strength to endure through the trials you are currently facing?
  • What is one way you might come alongside someone else in their heartaches and pain?
  • What might you do or implement based on what you learned in this week’s episode?



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