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Apr 18, 2022

Today we’re chatting with Kristyn Getty, an award-winning singer-songwriter. Her voice is synonymous with hymns, having co-founded with her husband, Keith, the Getty Music Organization, which helps people learn the Bible through hymns to carry for life. She is particularly passionate about helping children and families learn their faith through song. Today we talk about singing God’s Word and how our lives ought to sing his praises. We pray this conversation with Kristyn causes you to consider how you might be able to praise the Lord through song today! 





  • Why is it important that we sing the truths of God's Word? What does singing do for us? 
  • What is the value of singing songs together in church? How does singing unite us?
  • What's the importance of keeping the Word central in the songs that we sing?
  • What can you do to align your head and your heart with the words you’re singing when you worship? 
  • What might you change or implement based on what you learned in this week’s episode?



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