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Oct 30, 2017

On this episode of the Journeywomen podcast, I chatted with Jennifer Haskew, my former mentor and real-life friend, about the Gospel and advocacy. Jenn is a Texas transplant living in Los Angeles with her husband, Patrick. Together, they have had the privilege of fostering seven children. Jenn also runs a sleep consulting business, is a personal trainer, and a seminary student who hopes to use her education to continue advocating for the voiceless in their city.


As with every episode, if listening to my conversation with Jenn draws out big feelings, I want to encourage you to seek out a friend to help you process. This particular episode could bring up triggers if you have a background in foster care, adoption, or a history of abuse. As Jenn and I mention, we encourage you to pursue professional counseling if needed, just as we have done ourselves. On a personal level, this conversation inspires me to pray for opportunities to stand in the gap with my God-given gifts and resources to help someone in need.


Jenn said, “I think if you have resources that someone else doesn’t have, you have an opportunity to advocate. That can be when you see someone walking down the street trying to carry two children and they don’t have a stroller, so you let them use your stroller. Or someone is sick and you bring them food. Or a special needs student’s parents who may not understand the hierarchy in the system, but you have some education, so you go with them to their IEP meetings. Or a co-worker who might not feel heard, so you help them navigate the waters of talking with their boss at work. The more common things we hear are modern day slavery, foster parenting, but it doesn't have to be a big thing. It can be as small as taking a meal to someone. Take a step in any direction.”  


I hope you guys will take the steps the Lord is leading you towards to put his glorious Gospel on display for a lost and dying world to see.



Think about what makes your heart beat fast

Find someone you see who is advocating well and get to know them

Volunteer somewhere locally

Karyn Purvis Institute



Open windows

Gel Manicure Nails

Iced Tea



Today's episode of the Journeywomen Podcast is sponsored by T Bar M Camps.  Ya’ll have heard me talk about how much camp has impacted my life... Well, there is a camp in New Braunfels, TX that I love called T Bar M. You may have heard of T Bar M for their incredible kids summer camps, but did you know that you can retreat with them year round? Having spent a year on a camp property, I believe there is something about getting away and being in nature that is good for the soul. Growth is bound to happen when you experience that with other people, be it your family, ministry or business.



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