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Sep 11, 2017

On this episode of the Journeywomen podcast I had the privilege of chatting with my friend and former mentor, Matt Lantz on the theology of identity. Matt is a husband, father, and pastor who lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and three children. He’s a graduate of TCU and Dallas Theological Seminary and has been working in full-time ministry since 2000 preparing the way for the Lord Jesus in the lives of men and women. Matt was the founding director of a discipleship program called the Forge at Pine Cove where he spent 12 years helping young men and women learn their identity and steward it well. He has recently moved on from the Forge and is now serving as the Recruitment and Development Pastor at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth. This conversation reminded me of the things I learned during my time in the Forge program about identity and how we live out our God-given design.

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