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Jul 24, 2017

Today on Journeywomen I had the privilege of interviewing my friend Laura Wifler of the Risen Motherhood podcast. We talk about everything from how the Gospel relates to decorating to spray painting curtain rods. Laura has been married for six years, is a mother to three precious little ones and is currently in the process of adopting two more from Eastern Europe. Her writing on motherhood and lifestyle has been featured on popular sites such as BabyCenter, DesignSponge and Scary Mommy. Currently, Laura is co-founder and co-host of Risen Motherhood, a ministry and podcast for women who are striving for gospel-centered motherhood. Laura likes her coffee black, going on hikes, dabbling in DIY and decorating, reading books with real pages to turn, and having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with her children. I cannot wait for you guys to hear from her on the topic of decorating today!

Laura has the beautiful ability to tether something as seemingly trite as home decor to the beautiful truths of the Gospel. She inspires me to know the foundational elements of the Gospel more and to continue making those connections in everyday facets of life. 

Today’s episode of the Journeywomen Podcast is sponsored by White Pepper Ink, a custom-scripting canvas and wood company founded by Amanda Nicholson. You can find her work on Instagram and Facebook @whitepepperink! To custom order, email Amanda at and if you mention hearing about the shop on the Journeywomen podcast, you will get 10% off a canvas of your choice if you order through the second week of August 2017.



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