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Nov 18, 2019

On today’s episode of the Journeywomen podcast we’re chatting with Irene Sun about God’s kindness and the ultimate expression of his kindness in the way he sent his Son, Jesus, to die for us. Because of what Jesus did, the Holy Spirit resides in those who believe in him and we too, because of him, can actually seek to emulate his kindness for a lost and dying world to see by the power of his Spirit that resides within us. Irene is an absolute joy and as you’ll hear, she had me laughing for a good portion of our conversation. So you’ll know her a little better, Irene Sun was born in Malaysia and is the author of the picture book God Counts: Numbers in His Word and His World. She teaches her four boys with her preacher husband in Chicago, and through TGC Women’s Training Network.



Reading books

Learning about other cultures







Philippians 2

Genesis 2-3

Romans 2:4

Colossians 3:12


Proverbs 31

Galatians 5



• How is God’s kindness different than human niceness? What does it taste like?

• How have you recently seen God’s kindness in your life? 

• What does it look like to emulate the kindness of God in your daily life? 

• How can generosity and kindness point others to the gospel?

• What will abiding in Christ look like for you this week?





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